Sunday, August 24, 2008

Special Alert - Stock to buy August 25

Special Alert – INCC

With the Olympics coming to an end, all eyes will be on China, and that’s why I want everyone to turn their attention to INCC.

INCC specializes in acquiring international businesses, located in rapidly expanding Asian markets focused on three dynamic areas: healthcare, technology and the environment.

As more and more investors are looking to China for investment opportunities, INCC is providing the bridge to connect the two.

Utilizing a unique acquisition model , INCC, Inc. provides foreign companies an opportunity to gain access to U.S. capital markets. In exchange, International Consolidated Companies, Inc. retains a significant percentage of each target company, creating a diversified, growth oriented investment base that should enjoy a steady, long-term increase.

INCC is rapidly expanding their assets, with their latest press release on Friday, INCC announced that it has executed a letter of Intent to acquire the assets of Source Bio Plastics, Inc.

Source Bio Plastics ("Source") and International Consolidated Companies, Inc. (INCC) have identified the biodegradable plastic products market as a rapidly expanding segment of the overall plastics industry.

This is one of the reason I like INCC, they are able to identify what’s hot and execute their business plan in a quick manner.

INCC recently announced the acquisition of China Gene, Ltd. (Hong Kong) - which has two subsidiaries: Shanghai Huaxin High Biotechnology, Inc. and Sichuan Kelun Bio-Tech Pharmaceutical Company.