Saturday, August 30, 2008

Results; My Huge Play, +205%

Month of August: 8 Winners & 0 Losers
every system play hit our target before stopping out; also, the bonus pk/ob/option plays, all have done extremely well
August 29th:
  • (OXY) - closed @ 80.57; buy long, use system
    • either trigger pt was hit today, will carry into Tues
    • +OXYJR Oct 90 Call; closed @ 1.45; look for at least 20% return/may reach over 40% Fri
  • +DLQVB (DELL) - Oct 24 Put; closed @ .83; This is my HUGE PICK! look to double up in a day or two!
    • well, I was wrong about "look to double up today" - because it tripled! From open to close, ended up +204.82% today and its not done!
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