Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free Stock Picks April 24 2008

I have a variety pack for Thurs April 24, 2008:

2 Bulls

2 Bears

1 "famous" PlatinumPick

The Bulls (system plays):

  • (ESRX) - will be opening in the extended am session down over 1.5% around $71; go long if you can initiate a position under 71.50

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Here are todays results!

April 23rd was another perfect day...

(DSL) - a shorted pick, after an initial bump up within minutes at open, fell over 4% today hitting our 2.5% target gain!

(CSL) - also a short position was triggered @ 30.75, then fell to 29.95 passing by our 2.50% target as it hit a gain of +2.67% **note- hit the trigger 30.75 and ran to 30.93 before dropping enough to pull hit our goal!!

(CE) - a long, recommended buying in ext am when it sat @ 44.21; if you got in early, you saw it climb pass even (at least showing 0 to little gains as it started the early session down almost 3%) ___hit target if you bought in early (if not, carries into Thurs)

It was a great day here @ ; I am working on some potential HUGE PlatinumPicks for Thursday! Look for the picks posted this evening...I will try to have them up before 12:00am EST tonight

5 spots left in the Options Club

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