Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big results and a Big pick for the 16th

...this really worked out; here is what I alerted you guys with just before noon:

Mid-Day Trade Alert!

(GBRC) - buy now long!! look for 10% - 15% before day's end!!

currently @ 3.38; buy up to 3.48 +/-

Hit a high of +12.13% from my alert and closed shortly after at +11.24%


I found one that I really like for Wed April 16, 2008...and it's really down at the end of the "after hours" session; after it was really up at the closing bell...go to the webpage under "featured links" to get the pick @

**NOTE** - monthly fees went up but will not affect existing full-members as your rates are LOCKED! Fees are still extremely low considering the success here at 29/month; so get locked in and become a full-member as the rates will increase again; remember, most stock pick sites charge - ave. 99.00/month++++ with results that wish some day they would grow up and be the results put out here every day!!

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