Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ca$h Cow

Official Launch Date: 11/01/10

•A social networking site that will provide an income to its members
•A easy-to-operate site with many features to generate a steady income; absolutely no gimmicks
•All members can take advantage of the highly profitable affiliate program that this site offers
•All members will have their own blogs, webpages and more to publish however they want; such as, posting their own affiliate links and advertisements to generate extra profits
•All members will get paid for simply participating (using) this site
•Membership is a must for anyone who wants to make money online; from a novice blogger to a big-time affiliate publisher
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Affiliate Program

Simple System ♦ Huge Profits

As a full member, you are an affiliate and can begin collecting a limitless monthly income!

How it Works:

You pay a $19/month membership fee (that permits full access to all of the site's features and apps along with this profitable affiliate program)

You are assigned a personal affiliate id that will allow you to track all activity from traffic that you drove using personal links, etc.

For each new member that joins this site through your affiliate link, you will receive $9/every month (after the 1st month) as long as he/she is a member.

Plus, there is a second tier, for every member that your direct sale refers, you will get additional $1/every month (after the 1st month) as long as he/she is a member

There is No-Limit and it adds up quickly!


•you are directly responsible for 50 memberships under you @ $9/each = $450/every month
•this is where it gets fun; lets say that the 50 members that you brought aboard each get 50 members under them; you still get $9 for the tier 1 members (50 @ $9) $450 but now add the 50 members that each member under you brought along (thats additional 2500 members in your tier 2 line @ $1/month each = $2,500/month!!!
•the total for that month = $2,950
•there is no limit on how many members you can bring in and you get paid for both your tier 1 & 2 members every single month
•you can check your stats with a click of the mouse and see earnings in real time
•there are many other ways to use your membership to make money including a point system that allows you to trade in points for cash; and you receive points just by how much activity you do on the site; posting comments, blog articles, etc.
•try us out for a month - cancel anytime
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Why waste your time on other social networking sites when you can be spending your time contributing to a site that literally pays you back?

To participate, just register as a member and make sure you are logged in when you visit this site. Become an active member by reading other's posts and content, comment on other's content, and to earn the maximum number of points, post your own content. It's that easy. Once every month we will send you payment via PayPal. Be sure to read the rules below.


1.You must be a member in good standing in order to receive activity payments.
2.Any attempt to gain activity credit by manipulating the system, creating fake and/or poor quality posts, disingenuously responding to posts or comments, or any other activity deemed by the administrator of this site to be a pure attempt to earn points, can result in the removal of points, banning from this program, or cancellation from this group.
3.You must be able to receive payments via PayPal to get paid for activity (see http://www.PayPal.com)
4.Members who have earned more than $1 in activity points are paid once every month.
5.Removal of posts and/or the removal of other content that points were awarded for will result in that same amount of points to be removed from your total score.
6.To see your points at any given time, visit your profile.