Monday, May 5, 2008

Results from today, Monday May 5

Perfect Day as we hit 3 Winners out of 3 System Plays:

  1. (CHINA) - short; High gain +4.16%
  2. (SOHU) - short; High gain +3.18%
  3. (SYPJ).pk- fun pick; immediately dropped to .17 2-mins into the session, hit a high from that point of just over +35% and a high from yesterdays .15 close of +53%

The option plays given for today, 2 are already up around 20% ; (S) option finished down apprx. 6% - (S) has 2 weeks before expiration to fall some more; no sweat

visit NEW SITE and read about the virtual trading contests to be held there; all members please take a minute to cast a vote and leave any comments on the idea...

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