Monday, December 31, 2007

Outta '07 with a BANG!

What more can you, or I, ask for? Since starting this blog, even though only about a weeks worth of market trading days in a mixed market, I have pulled of giving you a stock with the days gain of over 30%. Todays pick (JADE) ended up 64.34% !


(CJGH) - going into the 3rd day, up just under 80%;
* as stated to place a sell stop that you were comfortable with as a new a sell-off would happen eventually
* today was when it happened, after hitting a 3 day high, with gains at 95%
(CHINA) - it was down from the open (1.62%) O.K. even I am not 100% perfect, maybe 98%
* this is still a buy as 2008 will be good to this oversea co.

and here it is...
(JADE) - simple put;
* today I gave you this as a buy
* today it had a days gain of...
+ 64.84%

Notice: I will not be back until next year, sorry. lol

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